Area 51 is the United States Air Force facility that’s located in Nevada. The area and the facility have long been shrouded in secrecy and no one really knows what really goes on there. The area and the military experiments have been kept a secret for years. Both the CIA and the government refused to acknowledge its existence. In fact, it’s only recently that the CIA has admitted that Area 51 exists. As a result, several theories and rumors pertaining to Area 51 and its experiments have been started.

Most Area 51 conspiracy theories claim that the area is used for alien experiments. According to those who believe this theory, the CIA and the government know that aliens exist but are keeping this knowledge secret from the rest of the world so as not to cause widespread panic. Access to Area 51 is forbidden. If you dare to try and enter it, you’ll be greeted by guards with guns. It’s said that it’s very easy to disappear in Area 51 and thus most people aren’t daring enough to try and sneak into the secret military base. While Area 51 is still off-limits to most people to this day, one can find rare pictures of the area online. Nowadays Google also includes the location of Area 51 on its Google Maps. You can even view a satellite image of Area 51, which is quite interesting but as one can imagine, doesn’t give too much away.

1. Area 51 Has Many Names

The secret U.S. military installation located in Las Vegas, Nevada is known to most as Area 51. However, over the course of its existence, the area has had several other names, including Groom Lake, Homey Airport, and Dreamland. Furthermore, the area has had several nicknames, such as Home Base, Paradise Ranch, and Watertown.

The CIA says that the correct names for the secret facility are Groom Lake and Homey Airport. However, in a CIA document from the Vietnam War the area is referred to as Area 51. Why Area 51, you may ask? Well, the number 51 refers to the grid that the secret facility sits on.

Interestingly, before the facility was named Area 51, it was dubbed as Paradise Ranch in an attempt to attract workers to work on the U-2 Spy Plane.


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